My Videos

I make videos of my adventures.
Summer in Dennis
Year 2 on Cape Cod.
I have lived in Dennis for two summers now. I finally took my camera on one of our post-work escapades and filmed a little bit. I didn't have many clips to work with, but I'm happy with how my editing style is coming along.
Camping in Acadia.
Kicking off the summer right.
Here is a video that I put together consisting of clips I filmed over the course of the vacation. 
It was a great time filled with near constant dancing and silliness. 
This is the first video I really sat down and edited all the way through. The previous ones were rather rough edits that I produced for my friends. 
I hope to be able intersperse my edits with clips of talking eventually, but this one was just muted and put to music.

Maine Camping Trip 2016

Sean's Leave

A behind the scenes look of my goofy friends on our yearly camping trip.  
My adventures with Sean during his break.