#010: Colin Loftus
Our wise friend Colin has joined us.
Colin, as part of 5054+Clofty, is another member of the close-knit ground called the "boys". In a lot of ways this episode ran perpendicular to the Conor episode and we even alluded to that throughout the episode. Colin is a fantastically intelligent person and I always learn something from him everytime we have long-form conversation.
#009: Dr. Stephen Cabral
We're joined by our first professor
Dr. Stephen Cabral is an Anthropology teacher at Bridgewater State University and is an all around awesome person. He was our first professor to join us.
#008: Gwen and Jenna
In my opinion, our best yet. Very well rounded. 
In this episode, we all really got to show how we think on certain topics. We talked about meaning, dreams, moral-relativism, truth, the good, and the Kardashians. 
#007: Mike and Lucas
Health, movement, strengths, and shortcomings.
We only had an hour, so we got right down to it. This was hard-hitting conversation. One in which we shared a lot about ourselves. I truly enjoyed this one and hope you do as well. Also, last episode of Season 1.
#006: Jack and Kevin
Three philosophy students and a business major.
Two of my fellow philosophy majors joined us and we had a really fun conversation. The wit on these two guys is impressive. We used to talk for hours over lunch after our philosophy classes and I wanted to capture and share some of our musings. 
#005: Conor Glasheen
A poltical conversation over a few beers.
Conor was my old suite-mate and we always had great conversation because we think so differently, but we respect each other's opinions. We kept it fun and silly while also talking about the issues over a couple beers. 
#004: Brian Barry
A wholesome conversation about growth.
Apart from the rampant tech problems in this episode, this was a rock solid conversation with a good friend of mine and fellow Spellmanite. This was the silly-hat episode.
#003: Andy and Vinny
The goofiest episode you can imagine.
I grew up with these boys and our comfort with each other is tangible. I also have no voice. Story-time's a plenty in this episode.
#002 - Chris Demers
Our first guest and a mighty worthy start.
Chris, roommate and friend, joined us and came prepared. His ability to direct a conversation is unparalled and it was really appreciated, as Drew and I will ramble on about nothing for hours. 
The start that really wasn't the start.
This is where is all supposedly started, except it didn't but for all intents and purposes, welcome to the beginning of the BAD Podcast.